knitting group at The Wellington

The Wellington  Knitting group meet every Thursday for one and half-hours.

We have a very enthusiastic teacher who encourages people to have a go.

The group is open to anyone who wishes to try their hand at knitting.

We have a range of people from first knitters, to people who are interested in

taking up the challenge again after many years of being unable to do anything due to their social isolation and financial restraints as well as feeling marginalised due to  ill health  such as a mental illness and physical disabilities .

People attending are mainly from the housing estates in the City of Yarra.

The knitting  group is also about  “connecting  our community:”  people are able to make  friends as well as gain a skill. We are supported by RecLink Australia and many people in the community who assist with Wool.

This year our teacher entered some of our work into the Royal Melbourne Show.

We were awarded 2nd prize for a group piece (a skirt knitted in panels by each member), a 3rd prize for a lovely pair of fluffy slippers,  2 Commend’s for a ladies vest and a beaded handbag, 2 Very Highly Commended for a scarf and childrens mobile. It was an amazing achievement.

We at the Wellington are very proud of our knitting group. They have not only achieved awards but have also ventured out to do something different, make new friends and socialise. We are already planning what we shall do for next year’s Show.



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