About Wired Community @ Collingwood

Welcome to out community website,  the users and contributors to the site are those who live, participate in and support the Collingwood public housing estate community.  We invite you to take part and share in our website and tell us your story.

This website was created as part of the  Wired Community @ Collingwood, an Infoxchange Australia project to address the issue of the digital divide that is experienced by some communitiesl.  The digital divide is the gap between people with access to information and communication technology and those without.  Lack of access isn't always due to economic reasons, but also because the skills needed to participate as a digital citizen just may not exist.

The WIRED project aims to:
  • improve the social, economic and environmental circumstances of a public housing estate in Collingwood;
  • strengthen the capacity and cohesiveness of the community and its networks and;
  • provide access to information technology for those usually excluded from its benefits, that will lead to increase the skills and educational opportunities of housing estate families.
It itakes a whole of community approach  to community building and economic development using new technologies as tools to provide equal access for all residents to local community and world-wide communications, alongside education, skills development, improved health and well-being, access to health and community services and employment opportunities.
The project focuses on the 620 households in three buildings and 367 flats in the Collingwood public housing estate.
It includes components such as:
  • development of intranet and appropriate communication management systems;
  • involvement, coordination and integration of government, service providers and businesses;
  • development, coordination and provision of training for residents;
  • provision of access to information technology for residents, including provision of appropriate computer hardware, software and user support
  • a community development model that enables the transition to resident involvement in the development of a social enterprise through training, support, systems development and business management;
  • evaluation of its outcomes; and
  • examination of the public-private partnership options.
Wired Community @ Collingwood will:
  • strengthen and develop new partnerships and relationships between residents of the Collingwood Estate, community service providers, government at all levels and the business community
  • use a community-development approach that encourages and develops community understanding, ownership and ongoing management of the project
  • facilitate a community strength-based approach to the development of community responses to local issues, concerns and needs and
  • mentor and support the implementation of coordinated, ‘grass-roots’ approaches to the provision of services and facilities for residents so that they are empowered to control their own lives.
It adopts a direct-action strategy to address issues of affordable access to information technology; economic development of the Collingwood community; increasing user IT skills; the creation of web-based content that is relevant and the inspiration of local communities to life-long learning.
It mirrors to another project that Infoxchange Australia is successfully run, Electronic Atherton Community Enterprise (e-ACE) that is located in Atherton Gardens Housing Estates, Fitzroy.
About Collingwood Estate

The Collingwood Public Housing Estate was announced as a Neighbourhood Renewal site in November 2002. Neighbourhood Renewal is bringing together local residents, businesses, services and government to collaboratively explore and pursue opportunities for enhancing skill, capacity and leadership within the community. Community members are effecting tangible change, creating a positive and improved environment on the estate.

The Collingwood Public Housing Estate is centrally located; it is close to the city, public transport, schools, health services and shopping strips. It is home to approximately 1600 households from a diverse range of backgrounds. Over thirty languages are spoken amongst community members. The most numerous ethnic groups are Vietnamese (26.9%), Chinese (4.2%), and Turkish (4.4%).

The Collingwood estate occupies a tract of land between Hoddle Street and Wellington Street. The estate was developed subsequent to the demolition, in 1958 by the then Housing Commission, of cottages near Johnston and Hoddle Streets. It consists of three high-rise tower blocks and 367 walk-up and town house style properties. Two high-rises are situated in Hoddle Street between Johnston and Vere Streets (Numbers 229 & 253) and one is situated in Wellington Street (Number 240). These twenty storey high were built between 1968 and 1971 and are each home to between 180 and 209 households. Between the Wellington and Hoddle highrises, Harmsworth, Perry, Emerald and Vere Streets border the 367 low-rise properties. These low-rise properties were built between 1957 and 1971. These properties were substantially redeveloped between 1984 to 1990.

Contact Us

If you have any inquiries about this website or the wider Wired Community @ Collingwood project, please email us at patricka@infoxchange.org, or phone (03) 9418 7452.