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Welcome to our website! Residents and those who participate in this community contribute and feed to our site.  We invite everyone  who lives, works and cares for our great community to share information and use this site to communicate and engage!

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The Link - 3 Towers March 2016 edition - Out now!

The March 2016 edtion of the Link is out now!   To download it, or the previous edition click on the links below:

The Link Marchr 2016 Edition - (.PDF)

Two new cool summer recipes added to the health section!

Feel like making a Burnley Banana Ice Cream or Fitzraw Fettucini, just head over to the health and Well being section and check out how!

Keep Cool in Yarra

Want to know how to Keep cool this summer?

Heatwaves can have a significant impact on the community’s health, causing serious illness and in some cases death. In fact, heatwaves cause more deaths than any other type of natural disaster in Australia.

To find out more on who is vulnerable during a heatwave and what you can do to prepare and stay healthy when it gets hot Check out:

Video - Beat the Heat (english with subtile and AUSLAN interpreter):